About Us

The Worthington Highlands Homeowners Association

We are a volunteer organization comprised of the Worthington Highlands community.  Our dynamic neighborhood includes residents living here from the original build to just moving in.


We are proud of our neighborhood and you should be too.  In the past we have had many social events, block parties, parades, and events for children.  We look to keep Worthington Highlands great and strive to do that.  It is important to maintain our entrance ways, keep our lawns cut, and look out for each others neighbors.  As well as maintain a social and peaceful place to live and raise our children.


The Home Owners Association of Worthington Highlands is a voluntary association of homeowners dedicated to making our neighborhood safe, attractive and inviting. By paying your low annual dues of $35 you can help keep this neighborhood a wonderful place to live.


Voluntary dues help pay for entrance maintenance and mowing, newsletters, and lighting, to name a few. By increasing the number of homes who pay their annual dues, we can better maintain our subdivision and show a return on your investment.  Many years ago the HOA was instrumental in hosting a variety of social activities such as block parties and holiday gatherings - we hope to see these activities return, but can only do so with your help and an increase in dues paying homes.  


A special thank you to Jim Palmisano for his dedication to WHHA for the last 20+ years.  Jim is also the President of the Far North Columbus Communities Coalition (FNCCC). 

​Feel free to tell us what you think and give feedback in the Contact Us section.



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