Annual Dues are $35 per year and collected in June/July.  The dues are primarily used to maintain the entryways with mowing, mulching and trimming.  They are also used for communication (website, direct mail, signage) and street light electricity and maintenance at the park road entrances. 


There are three ways to pay:

  1. Mail (or drop off) cash or check (made out to Worthington Highlands Homeowners Association) to:  James Palmisano, 7984 Brookpoint Pl., Westerville, OH 43081

  2. Online using Chase QuickPay (ClearXchange):

    • Note: You do not need a Chase account, however enrollment may be required.

    • Name to send payment to: James Palmisano

    • E-mail address to send payment to:

  3. Using PayPal: 

i. If you have a PayPal account go to:

ii.  If you do NOT have a PayPal account go to: and click “Donate”.

Dues Information

Dues FAQ's

How much are dues?  Only $35 per year!

I thought we already paid our 2017 dues?

  • Earlier this year, we began collecting supplemental donations specifically to rejuvenate our entryways with new landscaping and masonry repair.  This fundraiser is separate from annual dues.  So far we have collected almost $3,000 from nearly 80 homes.  This fund will allow us to complete work on at least one of the four entryways, so we are still collecting additional funds for those projects!

What do my annual dues pay for?

  • This past year your dues paid for:

    • Regular entryway mowing, weeding, mulching and trimming.

    • Communication (website, mailer, signage, meeting room rental etc.)

    • Electricity and maintenance of streetlights at Park Rd. entrances (owned by HOA).

    • All additional funds will go towards the new landscaping and masonry repair projects (see website for details).

Who runs the HOA?

  • An executive board of volunteers runs the HOA: Morgan Bernier (President), Nate Flath (Vice President), Nelly Oromulu (Secretary) and Jim Palmisano (Treasurer)

  • With Additional volunteers: Anthony Younan (Webmaster) and Erin Younan (Social Chair).

Are dues mandatory?  Dues are voluntary but critical to maintaining your neighborhood