What do my dues of $35 per year pay for?



It depends on participation.  Here is the breakdown:


Entry street lights kept on and maintained

Entryway grass is minimally mowed


Regular Grass Mowing

Some maintenance of our entranceway gardens



Regular maintenance of entryway gardens

Repainting/Replacement of entryway signs

Repair and maintenance of entranceway fencing and walls and more!


In addition, dues-paying members get a vote on neighborhood issues!


25% Participation Gets Us:

50% Participation Gets Us:

100% Participation Gets Us:

Who do I call for Speed Enforcement, property upkeep, potholes, etc.?

The City of Columbus City Services can be reached at (614) 645-3111.  They will be able to help with a multitude of enforcement items, which include but are not limited to: overgrown grass, reporting potholes in our streets, speeders (and the request of speed trailers, overgrown trees, property not being kept up, etc.  Their website can be found at https://311.columbus.gov/