What do my dues of $35 per year pay for?



It depends on participation.  Here is the breakdown:


Entry street lights kept on and maintained

Entryway grass is minimally mowed


Regular Grass Mowing

Some maintenance of our entranceway gardens



Regular maintenance of entryway gardens

Repainting/Replacement of entryway signs

Repair and maintenance of entranceway fencing and walls and more!


In addition, dues-paying members get a vote on neighborhood issues!


25% Participation Gets Us:

50% Participation Gets Us:

100% Participation Gets Us:

Who do I call for Speed Enforcement, property upkeep, potholes, etc.?

The City of Columbus City Services can be reached at (614) 645-3111.  They will be able to help with a multitude of enforcement items, which include but are not limited to: overgrown grass, reporting potholes in our streets, speeders (and the request of speed trailers, overgrown trees, property not being kept up, etc.  Their website can be found at https://311.columbus.gov/

How can my title company obtain information from the HOA?

Lately several Title companies handling home sales in our neighborhood have requested various statements from the Association. They range in complexity from one-sentence answers to lists of questions requiring real diligence. Almost all are requested in short order. We are always happy to provide this information at no charge for the neighbors who have supported the Association.

For those neighbors who do not support the Association, we respectfully ask that you pay your $35 Association Support before we can process such Title company requests. Promises from the Title companies to grant the Association these fees out of settlement proceeds have had mixed – mostly negative – results.

As you know, your Association officers NEVER receive compensation for their volunteer services. All Association proceeds are used for the services your Association provides.