What do my dues of $35 per year pay for?



It depends on participation.  Here is the breakdown:


Entry street lights kept on and maintained

Entryway grass is minimally mowed


Regular Grass Mowing

Some maintenance of our entranceway gardens



Regular maintenance of entryway gardens

Repainting/Replacement of entryway signs

Repair and maintenance of entranceway fencing and walls and more!


In addition, dues-paying members get a vote on neighborhood issues!


25% Participation Gets Us:

50% Participation Gets Us:

100% Participation Gets Us:

Who do I call for Speed Enforcement, property upkeep, potholes, etc.?

The City of Columbus City Services can be reached at (614) 645-3111.  They will be able to help with a multitude of enforcement items, which include but are not limited to: overgrown grass, reporting potholes in our streets, speeders (and the request of speed trailers, overgrown trees, property not being kept up, etc.  Their website can be found at https://311.columbus.gov/

What are the electric company easements in Worthington Highlands?

AEP has recently communicated helpful information in regards to access to your property. Electric company easements allow them to maintain their electric facilities, the rights of ingress and egress to perform maintenance and the ability to protect and access their equipment.  In summary: 

 - If AEP is unable to access their equipment because of obstructions,  those obstructions may be removed in order to complete their work. For instance, a standard subdivision transformer would require 10 feet of clearance on the door side, as well as 3 feet clearance on all other sides. 

 - If there is no yard access due to a fence/gate,  AEP is allowed to remove a portion of the fence to gain access to equipment nad is NOT responsible for that damage.  

 - AEP makes efforts to ensure all property owners are aware of the requirements of OUPS and the need to call 811 to have underground utilities marked at least 48 hours in advance of excavation. 

 - AEP does not allow any permanent structures within their easements.  Structures of any kind over top of their electric cable are not allowed.  In the event of cable failure,  any obstruction within the easement area, including landscaping, could be removed if necessary to fix an issue.  For questions, please contact AEP directly at 1-800-672-2231 or info@AEP.com

View Worthington Highlands Easement Maps Below: 

What are the laws for solicitation?

Solicitors need a license from the City  (Sec. 523.02)

Solicitors need an ID that is prominently displayed  (523.11)

Exemptions include, most pertinently, Schools  (523.03)

Can only solicit between 9 am and 8 pm  (523.14)

Must leave peacefully when asked to do so  (523.14)

Must obey "No Soliciting" signs at residences  (523.14)


Failure to comply with licensing is a third degree misdemeanor (up to 60 days in jail, $500 in fines)

Failure to comply with other sections is a fourth degree misdemeanor (up to 30 days in jail, $250 in fines)


Reference: Columbus, OH Municipal Code